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Create a Financial Life Raft for Your Small Business Using These Measures

Starting a small business is an exciting adventure with the potential for success and growth, but it can also be challenging. Every small business needs a financial safety net to ensure it can weather any storms that come its way. The Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce has put together this guide to help you get started.

Start Saving

Creating an emergency fund is essential when it comes to protecting your small business from unexpected expenses. When setting up an emergency fund, try to save at least three months' worth of operating expenses in case of an emergency. This money should only be used for unexpected costs or if your business takes a hit due to changes in the market or economy.

Make Eco-Friendly Changes to Cut Costs

Making eco-friendly changes to your business operations can have multiple benefits, including saving money. Simple changes such as reducing paper use, investing in energy-efficient appliances, and switching out lightbulbs for LED bulbs are all good places to start when looking for ways to save money while being eco-friendly. These changes come with other benefits, such as attracting a new audience.

Keep Your Records Organized with PDF Tools

Organizing all documents related to your small business is essential for staying profitable over time, since it helps keep track of all finances and investments at once, making it easier for you to identify any issues quickly if something goes wrong. Consider using PDF tools that will allow you to easily convert large amounts of data into PDF format, making everything easier to manage and store securely. You can also convert a PDF into other formats, such as a JPEG, which may be easier to email large files through. You can try this for that task.

Form an LLC

If you’re serious about running a successful small business, consider converting into a limited liability company (LLC). An LLC gives you protection from personal liability due to any debts or obligations that the company may incur, which can help protect against legal issues down the road. Forming an LLC is made much easier with online resources, such as a formation service that will file the paperwork for you.

Apply for Grants

Applying for grants is another great way to add extra money to your emergency fund as well as finance other areas of your business, such as research and development or marketing campaigns. Do some thorough research on government grants that may be available so that you can apply for them when needed. Make sure you read the requirements and due dates before filling out an application.

Work with Independent Contractors

Hiring independent contractors is becoming increasingly popular among many small businesses because it’s cost effective and allows them the flexibility they need while still having access to specialized skill sets. Working with independent contractors instead of full-time employees can help ensure that payroll expenses stay lower than expected and provide more financial stability over time due to lower overhead costs. You may even decide to allow all of your employees to work remotely.


Starting a small business is no easy feat, but having a financial life raft in place will help protect against any surprises along the way. Take some time now to create a few goals and look for resources that will help, such as PDF tools or government grants. With the right moves, you can secure your business's finances and give yourself peace of mind about the future.

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